Time to Redefine Mapping Agencies

Need for constant collaboration, innovation, and redefining processes in sync with evolving technology

After four days of insightful sessions and discussions, the GWF 2024 wraps up with a recapitulation of the key points and pondering on the way forward. The transition of geospatial tech coincides with the key global shifts.

“Geospatial has become integral to diverse sectors of the economy, reshaping multiple sectors from agriculture to powerline”, says Lt. Gen Girish Kumar, Former Surveyor General of India.

Evolving Role

“The role of National mapping agencies is evolving towards knowledge creators who offer value-added products and services”, says Eric Loubier, Director General, Canada Centre for Mapping and Earth Observation.

“From foundational base maps, we have entered analytics with the democratization of geo information, leading to the creation of a vibrant ecosystem that has its own opportunities as well as challenges”, he adds.

“National mapping agencies were mainly focused on generating and providing data, but now from land, blue economy, to financial institutions, the roles are getting redefined”, adds Lt. Gen Kumar.

The rise of Generative AI will further diversify the role and scope of mapping agencies, highlighting their importance.

“However, in spite of the crucial importance, attracting investments can be a challenge”, adds Loubier.

Forging Collaboration

“Geographic information serves as the foundation for everything, be it sustainability initiatives or building Digital Twins”, believes Diedre Dalpiaz Bishop, Chief, Geography Division, US Census Bureau.

“Public sector, private sector, non-profits, and academia are the four wheels of a cart, which emphasises the need for collaboration and innovation”.

“All the geospatial stakeholders should come together and collaborate to make the geospatial sector more efficient and sustainable”, adds Engineer Ali Al Alwaji, Executive Director, GEOSA.

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