Technology for quantity surveyors can ease administrative burdens

Payapps explores how technology for quantity surveyors can ease administrative burdens and improve efficiencies in the profession
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Payapps recently conducted a survey to better understand the dynamics of those in the quantity surveying profession. Here they explore how technology for quantity surveyors can ease administrative burdens

The research, carried out across the UK and Ireland earlier this year, delved into job satisfaction, productivity, disputes around supply chain valuations and payments, and technology adoption.

A challenging yet ultimately fulfilling profession

Quantity surveyors play a vital role in the UK and Ireland’s built environment. With the construction industry facing tough times, particularly in relation to increased costs, the need for quantity surveyors to drive efficiency, ensure financial prudence and enhance project outcomes is more important than ever.

It’s a demanding role and therefore one might expect many quantity surveyors to feel under pressure or even fazed by the task at hand. Yet the majority of respondents reveal high levels of job satisfaction, for a mixture of reasons but no more so than because of the autonomy and decision-making power the role allows.

However, while 84% of respondents state they are either satisfied or very satisfied in their current role, they also admit facing various challenges ranging from availability of technology and tools to opportunities for professional growth.

The two of these seem to go hand-in-hand, given that those who report not using technology to manage their subcontractors’ applications for payment are more likely to spend longer (six or more hours per week) on manual administration than those who do use technology, and that spending time on training or personal growth is the second most popular way of spending any administration time-savings.

In other words, lack of technology can hinder a quantity surveyor’s perceived opportunity for growth.

The benefits of technology for quantity surveyors are widely recognised

Pleasingly, the survey reveals that those in the quantity surveying profession acknowledge the critical role technology can play, with 79% ‘open’ or ‘very open’ to adopting new technologies.

In relation to software adopted specifically for managing applications for payment, automated deadline reminders, standardisation of received applications for payment and a digital approval and signature process are considered the most valuable features.

Beyond these features, the responses also show that this type of software can benefit a quantity surveyor by reducing the frequency with which subcontractor disputes occur, and the regularity with which they impact project timelines. In an industry that relies so heavily on effective collaboration between all stakeholder parties, these are important points to note.

Indeed, while around three-quarters of all respondents handle disputes one to five times per week, twice as many non-software users than software users report handling the highest levels of dispute frequency (11+ times per week), indicating that a lack of technology in this area can lead to increased debate with subcontractors around valuations and payments.

Similarly, 41% more software users (65%) than non software users (46%) report that disputes rarely or never impact project timelines.

“Using Payapps means I can process a payment application really quickly, sometimes within a couple of minutes, which then frees my time up for other aspects of the role… It is a system that works in my favour in terms of my role as a Quantity Surveyor and allows me to do my job in the most effective and efficient way.”

Mobarak Ali, Quantity Surveyor, Bouygues UK

Technology for quantity surveyors facilitates dispute avoidance

The research points to accuracy in valuation calculations as being key to technology’s ability to help with dispute avoidance.

Application for payment software such as Payapps is designed to streamline valuations and the assessment of subcontractor applications, providing automated approval workflows and ensuring reduced data loss and human error when compared to the traditional way of managing applications through emails, paperwork and spreadsheets.

The positive difference technology can make is demonstrated by the research, where quantity surveying professionals using software to manage applications for payment are more likely to only ‘rarely’ encounter issues with calculation errors (39%) compared with their non-software using counterparts (26%).

Furthermore, Payapps users are more than twice as likely to only ‘rarely’ experience delays due to inaccuracies or incomplete information in applications for payment (41%) compared with those who use other types of technology for managing applications (19%).

Payapps technology for quantity surveyors rated as ‘very satisfactory’

This reliance on technology, and especially Payapps, to review applications for payment is supported by the responses, with the majority of quantity surveying professionals saying they are ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with their current software and with Payapps users being nearly twice as likely to report this than their counterparts who use other software.

Chloe Leigh, head of marketing UK&I at Payapps, commented on the important role quantity surveyors play in the construction industry and why it’s important to facilitate their work through the provision of technology.

Chloe said: “While a successful project requires the input of a myriad of professionals, the role of a quantity surveyor is absolutely essential. The profession is clearly one that provides much satisfaction, with 78% of those surveyed likely to recommend the profession to others. Yet the challenges these professionals face can be to the detriment of their work-life balance and perceived opportunity for personal growth.

“Technology, particularly for managing applications for payment, which is typically administratively cumbersome, can ease the burden on quantity surveyors and other commercial roles by streamlining processes, affording time to be spent on more strategic activity, while also reducing inaccuracies and improving supply chain relationships.”

Visit for more information about how application for payment technology can help your commercial team.


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