SFS publishes new NVELOPE® Capability brochure

SFS's new brochure reviews its NVELOPE® Capability range which supports rainscreen subframe systems, as well as a variety of design solutions

SFS Group Fastening Technology has launched a brochure outlining its NVELOPE® Capability range which supports rainscreen subframe systems, as well as the myriad design solutions to meet virtually any project’s requirements

The 132-page publication offers information on the manufacturer’s advanced fixing and rainscreen subframe systems for the building envelope, with the contents page listing the latest additions to the NVELOPE® range, such as:

  • Introducing SFS ConnectSuite®
  • Project Builder and Thermal Builder
  • Drawing Overlay and Cutting Service
  • Specification and Approvals.

Also included on the contents page are Thermal Solutions, Corrosion in Subframe Systems, Fire Safety, NVELOPE® Systems, Cavity Fire Barriers, Bracket Options and First Level Fixings.  Profiles (Rails), Second and Third Level Fixings as well as Hanger Options and, importantly, Accessories.

Finding the right NVELOPE® subframe system for you

The reader is offered guidance on how to use the NVELOPE® Capability brochure, which has been designed to help find the most appropriate rainscreen solutions quickly. Easily understandable steps are outlined in the brochure, such as the following:

“To do this; identify the right NVELOPE® subframe system for your decorative panel type.  Identify the right bracket for the situation.  Select the level 1 fixings.  Identify the right profile and cutting service options.  Select the level 2 fixings. Select the level 3 fixings.  Choose any accessories you may need.”

At the end of this page, the specifier is invited to “make it really simple and use the Project Builder tool to do all the hard work” by visiting the company’s website at www.uk.sfs.com.

Clear, concise and colourful insight on securing your building envelope

Through familiarising themselves with the brochure, construction professionals will gain an insight into the holistic approach SFS takes to ensuring rainscreen systems are correctly installed; ensuring optimisation of thermal performance, material usage, safety and other criteria.

Overall, the brochure is solutions orientated and user-friendly, with full colour photography and beautifully executed drawings throughout to showcase products and expertise, supported by technical data and relevant product codes to ensure ordering is straightforward.

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