Scandia-Hus showcases thermal efficiency of Actis-insulated homes

scandia house lodge insulation
Timber frame specialist Scandia-Hus is creating a display at its latest show home on the thermal efficiency of the Actis Hybrid system.

Timber frame specialist Scandia-Hus is to showcase the energy efficiency of its Actis-insulated homes when it opens its newest show home later this year

The company, which has used the Actis Hybrid range on all show properties at its Sussex HQ, is currently fitting its latest show home with H Control Hybrid, 105 mm Hybris and insulating breather membrane Boost R Hybrid in the walls to achieve a U-value of 0.14W/m2K.

It is using H Control Hybrid in the flat roof.

The garage will house a display giving information on the U-values, EPCs, and air testing results achieved by using Actis Hybrid products, trumpeting the energy efficiency of the buildings to potential customers and self-builders.

The Lodge, a single-storey 1,915 sq ft property, will have three bedrooms, all with en suites, a large kitchen/ dining/ living room, snug and utility room, as well as a full heat recovery system.

Previous Scandia-Hus show homes have been insulated with a combination of insulating vapour control layer Actis H Control Hybrid and 155mm honeycomb design Actis Hybris in the pitched roof and H Control Hybrid and 105mm Hybris in the walls to achieve a U-value of 0.14 in the roof and 0.16 in the walls.

The Scandia-Hus team will carry out a thermal imaging survey once completed

A similar exercise carried out a few years ago on its first Actis Hybrid-insulated show home showed an impressive lack of thermal bridging, confirming that Hybrid was the right choice for the bulk of its ongoing projects.

Scandia-Hus MD Derek Dawson said: “As with the three other properties at our show centre, along with countless customer self-build projects, we have chosen to use Actis Insulation’s Hybrid range to insulate The Lodge. The thermal efficiency performance achieved with this innovative system, which can be combined or used separately in walls, roofs, ceilings and timber floors, as well as the speed and ease of installation, makes it the ideal product for our timber frame homes.

“All products have been designed to eliminate thermal bridging by helping to ensure an airtight envelope. The range can achieve the highest U-value requirements with a minimal thickness.

“High performance Hybrid panels also offer the benefit of being simple and quick to cut accurately, minimising wastage and reducing installation time, which can be up to 30% quicker than using alternative methods.”

Actis will be attending the Scandia-Hus Show Centre on May 18th

An open day being held at the Scandia-Hus Show Centre in East Grinstead on May 18, which also marks the company’s 50th anniversary, will see Actis regional sales manager Liane join other suppliers, talk about Actis products and answer technical questions.

The first three show homes – a 3,500 sq ft Tudor style property, a 2,755 sq ft three-bedroom contemporary property and a 2,800 sq ft chalet style house. will be available to view.

Discover more about the Actis Hybrid range here and more about The Lodge here.

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