Redefining risk management in construction

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PBC Today sat down with Scott Williams, director of Clarke Williams Ltd insurance brokers, to discuss proactive risk management in construction and the importance of open communication

Clarke Williams Ltd Insurance Brokers, a unique boutique brokerage in Kent, stands out with its specialisation in property, liability, and indemnity insurance for the construction and associated industries.

An award-winning brokerage renowned for customer service excellence

Can you provide an overview of Clarke Williams Ltd Insurance Brokers and how it has evolved since its formation?

Scott Williams, director of Clarke Williams Ltd“Since its inception, Clarke Williams Ltd has grown into an award-winning brokerage renowned for its customer service excellence, boasting a 5-star rating on Google.

“Over the years, Clarke Williams has evolved to meet the dynamic needs of its clients, expanding its range of services and expertise. However, it has always maintained a strong focus on tailored insurance solutions and, more importantly, proactive risk management.

“Recognising clients’ changing needs in the digital age, we have strived to leverage the best technology to enhance our customer service. However, we also understand the value of personal relationships and aim to be more than just an insurance broker; we aim to be a trusted consultant who can assist in other areas of our clients’ businesses.”

Maintaining open communication to ensure effective insurance coverage

In the construction industry, project requirements and risks can change rapidly. How does Clarke Williams maintain open communication with construction clients to ensure their insurance coverage adapts to evolving project needs?

“We understand the ever-changing nature of the construction industry, which can be very fast-paced, and the importance of staying in constant communication with clients to ensure their insurance coverage remains relevant and effective.

“Through regular discussions, meetings, and site visits, our team establishes a deep understanding of each client’s projects, enabling us to anticipate and address evolving risks promptly.

“This open communication allows us to adjust coverage, limits, and policy endorsements as project requirements and risks change, for example, when having early conversations relating to activity changes and how they may affect the premiums or when assisting our clients early on their tenders.”

A proactive approach to construction risk management

Can you provide an example of how a proactive dialogue with a construction client led to necessary updates or changes in their insurance coverage, addressing specific risks or requirements of a project?

“Recently, Clarke Williams engaged with a client undertaking a large-scale development project. Through ongoing discussions and risk assessments, we identified potential gaps in their insurance coverage, particularly regarding contractual obligations and liability exposures.

“As a result, we recommended enhancements to their policy, including an extension to cover temporary works. This proactive approach ensured that the client’s insurance coverage aligned closely with the specific risks and requirements of their project, providing comprehensive protection and peace of mind.”

Minimising disruption to construction projects

In the construction sector, claims related to property damage, injuries, or other incidents can occur. How does Clarke Williams support construction clients throughout the claims process to ensure minimal disruption to their projects?

“When construction clients experience claims related to property damage, injuries, or other incidents, Clarke Williams provides dedicated support throughout the entire claims process. Our staff members liaise with insurers on behalf of our clients, expediting claim submissions, negotiating settlements, and advocating for fair resolutions.

“We understand the critical importance of minimising disruption to construction projects, and we work tirelessly to ensure that claims are resolved efficiently, allowing our clients to focus on their projects without unnecessary delays.”

Safeguarding construction businesses against unforeseen events

Construction projects often involve various risks, from health and safety hazards to contractual obligations. How does Clarke Williams assist construction clients in identifying, assessing, and managing these risks effectively?

We discuss general work practices and upcoming client projects, identifying potential hazards that may affect the premium and what can be done to mitigate these.

Our team then aims to assist our clients by providing access to third-party resources, laying out gaps in cover, and working collaboratively to find workable solutions.

By proactively managing risks and leveraging our industry expertise, we help construction clients mitigate liabilities and safeguard their businesses against unforeseen events.

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