Ratio EV charging products: Leading the way to net zero

Ratio manufactures design-led innovative and robust EV charging products that are tailor made to its customers’ needs. It continues to be a sustainable business whilst supporting the move to a net zero transport industry

Ratio EV designs and manufactures EV charging products at its factory in Redditch in the UK and Nijkerk in the Netherlands. Established in the Netherlands in 1960, Ratio has built a reputation for reliable and affordable products in the key areas of electric vehicle (EV) charging, marine power systems and distribution systems for data centre and office applications.

Ratio EV, a collaboration between FW Thorpe and Ratio Electric, operates from its Redditch facility with a focus on serving the UK market. With nearly 90 years of expertise in the design and manufacture of market-leading lighting products and energy management systems, the FW Thorpe Group was able to combine this technology into the development of the Ratio charging pillars.

The path to net zero

The UK government has set a target for no new vehicle sales to be powered by internal combustion engines (ICE) by 2035.

The petrol and diesel car ban is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve local air quality. This is supporting the overall legal target that the UK government has to cut greenhouse gases and achieve net zero by 2050.

Electric vehicles will play a huge part in the UK achieving this.

The role of EV

Many businesses are transitioning from ICE to EV, not only due to the environmental advantages but also because they offer significant financial benefits.

Electric vehicles offer low running costs: charging an EV battery overnight can be as low as £5, which is just £0.023/mile. Across a fleet of cars, this can save significant money. With many major cities implementing clean air zones, businesses are avoiding the additional charges these can bring.

Funding and grants for EV charging

The government is continuing to support the growth of EV with funding for the installation of EV charge points. Grants including the Workplace Charging Scheme and Infrastructure Grant for Staff & Fleet Owners can support businesses with the cost of EV charging installation.

All Ratio products are approved by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV), a requirement to access available grants and funding.

In addition to the grants available, many organisations can use EV chargers as a revenue stream to offset the installation costs, with potential options to open up to public charging at weekends. The Ratio back-office management system can support with a range of flexible payment options.

Ratio EV charging products – for all business solutions

With the environmental and financial benefits, starting on the road to EV seems a no-brainer for any business. But there are other considerations when opting to support the transition to electric vehicles. With a huge range of EV charging available, how do you know which EV charger to choose?

This is where Ratio EV charging can help.

Ratio EV charging has a solution to fit all businesses and can support with both domestic and commercial charging.

Our products are solar compatible, fully connected, OZEV grant approved and have the ability to offer flexible payment options.

The io6 and io7 are Ratio’s core products for commercial installations. Offering either wall-mounted or a smart innovative pillar design.

The io7 provides a fully integrated design with a single point of installation for all wiring and communications. Plus, our io7 offers a high performance, built-in illuminated head with less than 2% low light pollution for general area lighting and can combine smart technologies, perfect for any car park setting.

Commercial charge point management

The Ratio back-office management system allows you to have complete control. Allowing site owners to see usage, set up user groups for paid and free vend charging, the Ratio Business app also supports over the air updates and maintenance ensuring businesses are not left without their all-important charge points.

FW Thorpe Group supporting sustainability

FW Thorpe also has an ambitious target to reach net zero by 2040, 10 years before the UK’s target for achieving net zero.

It is already a carbon-neutral company. Group-wide measures such as energy use minimisation, self-generation of renewable energy through solar installation and procurement of renewable energy have reduced the group’s carbon footprint, while trees in the group’s award-winning carbon offsetting afforestation project absorb the remaining carbon dioxide produced.

Ratio EV charging products also support the group’s sustainability targets. The io7 manufactured in Redditch mainly uses parts sourced within the UK, many coming from the Midlands, again minimising the overall carbon footprint of production.

Plus, all Ratio products are designed with circularity in mind. The principal aim is to eliminate waste by keeping as much of the original product material in use for as long as possible, ensuring longevity and reparability.

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