Non-combustible FOAMGLAS® inverted roof insulation

London, UK - aerial view of Elephant And Castle area in Southwark.

From the vibrant Elephant and Castle Town Centre in London to the cutting-edge Science and Engineering Building at Manchester Metropolitan University, experience the safety, durability, and energy efficiency of FOAMGLAS® inverted roof insulation

As architectural design evolves, so does the demand for an innovative insulation solution.

Experience the best of modern London living in Elephant and Castle Town Centre – a
vibrant mixed-use urban development that seamlessly blends housing, retail, and cultural spaces.

Integrating functionality and prioritising safety, the 2,200 sqm podium roofs showcase the non-combustible FOAMGLAS® inverted roof insulation, annexcellent choice for any roof, at any level.

Meanwhile, at Manchester Metropolitan University, the Science and Engineering Building stands as a testament to cutting-edge design and energy efficiency.

This complex project required an efficient, non-combustible, and durable inverted roof solution, providing optimal energy efficiency whilst withstanding the rigours of Manchester’s climate.

The design goal was clear: to create an inverted roof system which would enhance thermal performance, contribute to fire safety, and meet their overall targets of the building.

Prioritising fire safety

The decision to specify FOAMGLAS® thermal insulation was driven by the critical need for
non-combustible insulation material for high-rise roofs and balconies. FOAMGLAS® inverted roof insulation solution is Euroclass A1 rated.

It provides excellent protection against fire hazards, does not contribute to the spread of fire, or produce smoke and fumes.

Suitable for multiple uses: Enjoy your outdoor space

Whether accommodating pedestrian traffic or creating lush green havens on terraces or
balconies, the FOAMGLAS® inverted roof insulation shows exceptional compressive strength.

FOAMGLAS® material’s closed cell structure and rigidity for long-lasting structural integrity, making it ideal for supporting heavy loads and maintaining structural integrity.

Investing in the future

The FOAMGLAS® inverted roof insulation offers a smart solution while contributing to the long-term performance of the roof.

This insulation material is made of cellular glass and contains up to 60% recycled glass.

By incorporating recycled materials, it reduces environmental impact and contributes to a circular economy. Whether envisioning a lively rooftop bar or a mixed landscaping with lush planting, FOAMGLAS® inverted roof insulation is suitable for all types of inverted roof

It offers the solution for all types of finishes in inverted roofs, making it an optimal choice while allowing you to invest in the future of your building.

Inspiring inverted roof solution

In conclusion, inverted roofs with FOAMGLAS® insulation offer a winning system, with a Euroclass A1 building material, that is ready for future developments.

By choosing FOAMGLAS® solution, you create roofs that help protect your buildings and
aspire for a more sustainable future.


Owens Corning Insulation (UK) Ltd.



*Please note: This is a commercial profile. 

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