India’s Ambitious Leap in Space Commerce and Defence

Shri Jayant D Patil, Chairman, ISpA gave the opening remarks at the IsPA DefSpace Symposium 2024 held in Delhi.

He said, “India’s Space Commerce is just 2% of the Global Space Commerce.” The goal is to take this 2% into 25% by 2047. This is a tall order and a tall task but India as a knowledge driven industry is capable of achieving it.”

Now, up to 100% FDI is allowed in the space sector. Up to 74% FDI is permitted under the automatic route in satellite manufacturing and operation, satellite data products and ground and user segment. Beyond 74%, FDI in these activities requires government approval.

He also added saying, “Now we all need is teeth in these policies and it can be something the newly formed govt. can work on after they get elected. Regulation is key here.

Space is called as a final frontier and like all the other frontiers it is difficult to define it clearly. Newer domains always influences the older domain. Space will likewise influence Air, Maritime and Land domain.

General Anil Chauhan PVSM UYSM AVSM SM VSM gave a virtual keynote address where he said, “Activities of space now is controlled from land and this makes it exploitable. Space needs capacity development not only in physical domain but also in legal and academic approach to space capabilities.

India has cemented itself in Position, Navigation and Timing, ISR and NaviC. The need for comprehensive intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities has grown in response to technology and geopolitical complexities, with Space ISR emerging as a critical component of modern national security and space exploration.

Mighty oaks grow from acorns!! Indian Space Startups needs to become the strongholds in the future of space industry in India.

Mission DefSpace and Dual-Use Technologies

Mission DefSpace is an initiative by the Indian government to develop innovative space defense solutions for the Indian armed forces. The initiative’s goal is to make India self-reliant in defense technologies for space, and to accelerate the country’s development while protecting national interests. The challenges are launched across various Department for Defence Production (DDP) initiatives, including iDEX.

AVM Pawan Kumar focused on the importance of Dual-use technologies (DUTs) that includes goods, software, and technology that can be used for both civilian and military purposes.

DUTs are a crucial asset for a nation. Artificial intelligence (AI) for example can improve the intelligence of any machine or system.

AVM Pawan Kumar, VM, DG DSA said, “There is a total thrust by the govt. and the ministry of de to ensure that the private industry is strengthened and we hand hold them in procedures including the various formation of joint working groups. This is the synergy we are looking at for now.”

Air Marshal Surat Singh AVSM VM VSM, DG, Air (Operations) said, “There are 25 Defspace Challenges out of which 9 of them are already announced. The challenges in Launch System, Satellite System, Communication & Payload System, Ground System and Software System.

Private Industries, including Start-ups, MSMEs and Individual Innovators, are eligible to make use of these.

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