Geospatial World Leadership Awards Announced at GWF 2024

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The Geospatial World Forum presented its annual Geospatial Leadership Awards today at GWF 2024 on May 14th. These awards aim to acknowledge exceptional leadership, innovation, and transformation efforts made by individuals and organizations in the geospatial industry.

This year, the awards were drawn from open nominations and selected by a panel of jury comprising eminent industry stalwarts: Greg Scott, SDG Data Alliance, PVBLIC Foundation; Nadine Alameh, Executive Director, Taylor Geospatial Institute (TGI); Sallie Payne Snell, Secretary General and Executive Director, Eurogeographics; Saad Alhamlan, President, GEOSA; Rajesh Alla, CMD, IIC Technologies; Paloma Merodio Gomez, Vice President, INEGI; and Willy Govender, CEO, Terra Analytics.

The Complete Award List:

Hall of Fame:

Josef Aschbacher, Director General, European Space Agency – ESA, France

Josef Aschbacher has had an accomplished international career in space, combining more than 35 years’ work experience at ESA, the European Commission, the Austrian Space Agency, the Asian Institute of Technology and the University of Innsbruck.

Ola Rollen, Chairman, Greenbridge

Ola Rollen has made significant strides in the world of technology and innovation. He is the Chairman of Hexagon AB which he earlier served as a President and CEO for 23 years.

He has been part of the geospatial industry for more than 20 years. He is also the Founder and Chairman of Greenbridge.

Geospatial Innovator Award – NUVIEW Space

NUVIEW Space leads with the world’s premier commercial LiDAR satellite constellation, revolutionizing Earth observation.

Its groundbreaking technology generates high-quality, precise data for diverse sectors such as environmental science, infrastructure, and agriculture.

Backed by seasoned expertise and robust partnerships, NUVIEW sets new standards in global-scale data provision, recognized by TIME’s 2023 Best Inventions and the Geospatial Innovator Award.

Their relentless pursuit of innovation propels Earth observation beyond traditional confines, fostering informed decision-making worldwide.

Research, Science & Technology Institution of the Year – ITC: University of Twente

ITC, University of Twente, is known for its path-breaking and collaborative approach to educational and research activities and addressing complex global challenges to promote sustainable development.

Its initiatives have garnered widespread attention and appreciation. Ranked among the Top 10 in the world, the institute’s mission revolves around harnessing geospatial solutions to tackle pressing national and global issues such as climate change, population growth, food security, water management, and disaster resilience.

The institute’s pivotal role in advancing scientific research and technological innovation for social and environmental benefits has earned widespread acclaim, showcasing its commitment to excellence and impactful contributions to global progress.

Start-up of the Year- Space4good

Space4Good is recognized as the “Start-up of the Year” for its exceptional achievements in leveraging space technology for social and environmental impact.

Since its inception in 2017, Space4Good has demonstrated unwavering commitment to addressing critical challenges through remote sensing, GIS, and artificial intelligence.

By pioneering mapping, analysis, and modeling of complex ecosystems, Space4Good has significantly contributed to sustainable agroforestry and forest conservation.

Collaborating with leading organizations, Space4Good operates at the nexus of nature protection, peace, and justice, making impactful strides towards a more sustainable future.

The organization’s dedication to innovation, partnership, and sustainability sets it apart, marking Space4Good as the start-up in driving nature and people-oriented actions.

Solution Company of the Year – Fugro

Fugro, a global leader in geotechnical, survey, subsea, and geoscience services, operates in over 60 countries.

With a legacy since the 1960s, Fugro invests heavily in advanced technology, delivering cutting-edge solutions in earth exploration and data analysis.

Renowned for expertise in critical industries like oil and gas, offshore wind, and renewable energy, Fugro optimizes infrastructure projects worldwide with sustainable practices.

Their commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals underscores their dedication to advancing global infrastructure responsibly.

Enabling Industry Development in Public Policy – Indian National Space Promotion and Authorisation Center (INSPACe)

INSPACe’s creation stands as a beacon of progressive policy reform, catalyzing India’s space industry.

Its impact reverberates globally, inspiring similar initiatives in emerging economies. Recent announcements of Space Policy and Foreign Direct Investment policies mark pivotal shifts, aligning with India’s vision for a robust, indigenous space economy.

These measures foster entrepreneurial prowess and industrial resilience, amplifying downstream space applications domestically and contributing significantly to global development objectives.

Geospatial Knowledge Infrastructure – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

NOAA has been the leading agency, not only providing rich geospatial content and satellite imagery but also being one of the largest integrators of geospatial data across its various domain workflows, thereby enriching its services for citizens, governance, and businesses.

NOAA has brought different sets of spatial and non-spatial data layers into a common data environment.

On the other hand, these data ecosystems have been integrated with domain workflows of its stakeholders, primarily supporting the noble cause of climate resiliency.

Engagement and partnerships with the commercial industry have been a distinctly unique approach that has further enhanced NOAA’s ability to build a platform providing data, tools, and knowledge services for several domain-specific applications, progressively stepping forward towards the National Geospatial Knowledge Infrastructure.

Geospatial Diversity Champion of the Year – Albert H. Anoubon Momo

Albert’s steadfast dedication to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the geospatial industry is commendable.

His leadership, notably through Trimble’s Foundation Fund, where he championed DEI initiatives and supported underrepresented communities, sets an inspiring example.

As Chair of the WGIC – DEI Committee, he drove transformative change in the sector. His vocal advocacy and strategic initiatives inspire colleagues, while his extensive international development experience leaves a lasting global impact.

His visionary leadership embodies the essence of a true Diversity Champion, for which we are profoundly grateful.

Geospatial Ambassador of the Year – Asim Ibrahim AlGhamdi

This leadership award acknowledges Asim’s outstanding contributions to the community and his unwavering dedication to advancing geospatial technology.

As Secretary-General of the United Nations Global Geospatial Information for the Arab States and in his leadership role in the national geospatial authority in Saudi Arabia as the head of the National Geospatial Center, and previously as the Secretary-General for the National Committee of GIS, he has facilitated collaboration among government stakeholders, both domestically and internationally.

With the responsibility of representing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in prestigious international forums, including the United Nations, he has actively contributed to frameworks promoting the importance of geospatial information.

Asim’s efforts have led to transformative projects, including the Economic Value of Geospatial Information initiative with the World Bank, further underscoring his dedication and significant global impact.

Business Leader of the Year – Claire Milverton

Claire’s propagation of the practical ‘data-first’ approach has been pivotal in unlocking the full potential of AI and digital twins within organizations.

Her emphasis on innovation and data quality resonates deeply in the company’s endeavors, shaping future initiatives across various sectors.

The strategic and focused direction of the company is attributed to her adept leadership and market awareness, propelling the development and adoption of new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products within the company for its digital transformation and for clients, driving notable improvements in financial performance.

She has consistently led identification and capitalization on significant opportunities for future expansion. Within her leadership, the company stands poised for further growth and triumph.

Lifetime Achievement Award – Nigel Clifford

A transformative leadership as CEO of Ordnance Survey, elevating Britain’s mapping agency with innovation and enduring impact. Nigel’s tireless advocacy for tech integration and inclusive practices propelled the geospatial community forward.

Across public, private, and international ventures, your versatile leadership and collaboration fostered industry advancement.

His role in the Royal Geographical Society and as Deputy Chair of the UK’s First Geospatial Commission highlights his strategic vision. His career embodies excellence, innovation, and dedication, inspiring awe.

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