First steps to deliver BIM-based construction cost estimation

The second issue is the definition of BIM-based cost estimating, according to Penn State University:

“A process in which BIM can be used to assist in the generation of accurate quantity take-offs and cost estimates throughout the lifecycle of a project. This process allows the project team to see the cost effects of their changes, during all phases of the project, which can help curb excessive budget overruns due to project modifications.”

Once again, we have confirmation that BIM 5D corresponds to the use of cost information in the development of models, which can be used throughout the project life cycle to assist in decision making.

In this context, it is important to design process solutions and tools to adopt BIM 5D in the development of projects integrated into the model quality assurance strategy. This strategy is the responsibility of the BIM Coordinator in the projects, developing the BIM Execution Plans and monitoring their execution, and those who will prepare the project contracting notices. It is necessary to include these determinations in the public notices for contracting engineering projects and/or in the Pre-Contract BIM Execution Plans so that the BIM use is covered correctly and the need to deliver this use to the Contractor and Contractor is clear.

Another fundamental observation is that, often, for example in Brazil, according to Decree 10,306 (2020), it is necessary to deliver two BIM uses together: BIM 4D and BIM 5D. Therefore, even in accordance with the understanding that a project that needs to deliver BIM 5D should not be obliged to deliver, if not provided for in the Contract, planning and control of the execution of the construction based on BIM – BIM 4D, the Brazilian Decree requests that both BIM uses must be delivered.

It is important, in this context, to design tool and process strategies to integrate 4D and 5D BIM uses, whether integrated or used alone.

In short, if the notice only requests the delivery of 5D BIM it is not necessary to deliver the use of 4D BIM. If the delivery of both uses is contemplated in the public notice for contracting engineering projects, solutions must be incorporated to deliver both BIM uses.

The prominent question we have is how to execute these uses?

What are the possibilities today?

In this article, I highlighted 5 options for executing BIM-based construction cost estimation – BIM 5D.

I also highlight the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of each one.

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