Earth Observation Business Key Priority for Oman

Data-based insights have always informed our decisions and choices. Space data not only informs us but helps predict and analyze what we can’t see view from the ground.

Myriad Solutions

Various sectors of the economy employ space-based data.

For instance, it is crucial in the agro sector to monitor and control crops and pests. It also helps to manage farm operations remotely.

The environmental sector and fisheries are also highly reliant on space data and insights to track illegal activities and ensure compliance. Maritime observation and tracking ships to avoid any ecological impact is another great example.

There are multiple applications of space data across sectors. In the future, AI will be a part of most applications. There are many ways space services will embrace AI, such as controlling orbital satellites, sorting data and images before sending them to ground stations, analyzing data and images and providing intelligent insights based on ML.

Muscat Roadmap

Oman has embarked on a long-term development policy and executive program for the space sector. This is the first national plan that envisions establishing the country as a regional gateway for space applications and technologies.

The plan also highlights the focus on the downstream segment to maximise the potential benefits for socio-economic development. To realise this vision, the executive program identified 14 strategic projects to be executed over three phases along the timeline of the policy. The EO business is a priority for the country that has been identified in the policy. The philosophy behind executing these projects is to partner with the private sector and attract investments.

The EO business is a priority for the country that has been identified in the policy. While the upstream segment is not a national priority yet, the government facilitates investments in this segment. The spaceport project is one of the ones in which the government blessed and facilitated a private investment.

We aim to position Oman as a regional gateway for technological development, collaboration, and applications. We have invited many global service providers to establish a local presence in the country and benefit from our geopolitical relationships to penetrate various markets.

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