Digital Walk-Through of Building Permit in DC

What is Stop Work Order?

What is Stop Work Order

Any construction, excavation, remodeling, renovation, and real estate work that is not followed as per the permit conditions are given orders to be stopped. These orders are issued from DCRA, and DDOT Jurisdictions. DCRA stop work order could be issued if the director finds the construction process undertaken is not under safe conditions. As per DDOT specifications if excavation or occupation does not adhere to the zoning code they issue stop work order. 

If it is a small construction project previously reviewed with the paper plan, you can execute the digital application for the building permit. With the help of a building permit digital walkthrough, all building permit drawings, as well as supportive submittals, can be accepted through an electronic review system for a complete review including DCRA reviews.

Simultaneously, you can undertake digital routing for choosing sister agencies such as Historic Preservation, District Department of Energy & the Environment, and District Department of Transportation.

This automatically helps to save the time taken for visiting the office of a permitting agency. Some of the DCRA Plan Reviewing encompasses Zoning, Fire, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, &Plumbing (MEP) and Green & Energy disciplines. 



🏛️  Building Permit Application Requirements 

Application for building permit requires submission of application form along with building permit drawing requirements. The building permit application requirements include: 

  • Completed application form 
  • Site plan for building permit 
  • Architectural floor plans and building evaluations 
  • Supporting documents (structural, soil analysis, energy analysis)

🏛️  When is Building Permit Needed? 

A building permit is needed for the following constructions: 

  • New construction 
  • Renovation and remodeling 
  • Demolition 
  • Construction of retaining walls, decks, fences, sheds, garages, and vaults 
  • Construction of signs, awnings, and canopies 
  • Construction of swimming pools

Benefits of Digital Walk-Through for Building Permits

  • Visualization: Immerse stakeholders in 3D models and virtual tours, aiding early issue identification and design clarity 
  • Communication: Facilitate smoother review and approval by clearly presenting design intent and enabling real-time collaboration 
  • Efficiency: Reduce review times, minimize rework, and expedite project timelines and cost savings 
  • Marketing: Showcase projects virtually, enhancing stakeholder understanding and engagement 

🏛️ How To Get Building Permit Online? 

To get away from the DCRA stop work order and get your DCRA permit you can outsource the permit process to our experienced DC permit expeditor or follow the steps for online permit approval. 

  1. Create a DCRA Account: To remove DCRA stop work order and to get a DCRA permit, create an online DCRA account. During the creation of an account for building permit approval, you should pay online. In case you are submitting an application for a property owner, you should register as a ‘Filing Representative’. 
  2. Email Notification: You will get an email notification within a day from an electronic review system for uploading building permit drawings and supporting building permit documents. Application and associated plans get reviewed for pre-screening ensuring they fulfill the DCRA building and zoning law codes. 
  3. Tracking Review through Permit Tracker: Once the pre-screen review is approved, the construction project can be routed to all essential DCRA divisions and agencies for plan review. All divisions, comments & status of the review can be tracked online through the permit tracker. 
  4. Notification for Paying the Remaining Permit Fees: After the completion of the reviewal process, you will get a notification for paying the remaining permit fees. For the remaining payment, log into your DCRA account and make the balance payment with a credit card. Remember that if you don’t mention your contractor’s information like the DC license number and the mailing address, you will be notified that the information is required to proceed with issuance. Always check your licensing verification system for confirming the license status of the contractors. Homeowners can also be listed as a contractor if they complete the work themselves. 
  5. Permit Approval in Email: The final step is receiving the permit approval in an email. Once, all the fees are paid and the contractor’s information is entered, your building permit will be issued through an email with the permit approval attached. You have to download your approved plans and all supporting documents for availing of onsite inspections. 

Building Permit

Tools and technologies used in digital walkthroughs

Digital walkthroughs for construction permits often use a variety of tools and technologies: 

1. 3D Modeling: This is the foundation, enabling detailed and accurate digital representations of the proposed project, with building geometry, materials, and adjacent environment. Revit, , ArchiCAD, SketchUp, etc are some of the software applications for 3D modeling. 

2. Real-Time Rendering Enginees: They help to translate 3D models into quality visuals, letting users navigate and investigate the virtual environment. Few instances are Unreal Engine, Unity, and Enscape. 

3. VR and AR: They enable users to experience the digital model realistically, through VR headsets or by superimposing the model practically through AR devices. This offers valuable insights into scale, spatial relationships, and potential user experience. 

4. Cloud Collaboration: Cloud-based platforms enable collaboration amongst stakeholders involved in the permitting process. Users are able to access, share, and annotate the 3D model and can provide efficient review. Some of the collaboration software applications include BIM 360, Navisworks Manage, Aconex, etc. 

Do You Need to Hire a Professional for Building Permits? 

Due to the following benefits of building permit expediting services, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional permitting expeditor. 

  • Familiar with local laws
  • Preparation and submission of required documents
  • Monitor changes and reviews
  • Shorter waiting period
  • Saves your time
  • Faster process and approval

Are you stuck with your Stop Work Order & looking for DCRA Permit Expedition Services? Don’t get stressed with long delay in construction process! 

The best solution is online building permit expedition. You may call Tejjy Inc. at 202 465 4830 or send an email to for managing your building permit process from the initial stage and making your DCRA Walk through accepted. 

Final Thought: 

Experience the future of building permits in DC with seamless digital walk-throughs. Starting from detailed inspections to streamlined approvals, the innovative approach transforms the permitting process, saving you time and hassle.

Get rid of the cumbersome paperwork and implement efficient digital solutions to ensure that your building project gets off the ground swiftly and smoothly. Step into a new era of construction with confidence, knowing that your building permit process is in competent hands.

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