Descartes Labs Government selects EarthDaily Analytics for EO data

Descartes Labs and its subsidiary, Descartes Labs Government, has selected EarthDaily Analytics as a supplier for their EO data to power their geospatial analytics and AI solutions.

EarthDaily’s Constellation will unlock a continuous stream of scientific-quality and analytics-ready data providing an unprecedented industry advancement for Descartes Labs’ customers.

The anticipated EarthDaily Constellation is set to launch later in 2024. Their “string of pearls” configuration will enable coverage of nearly 100% of the world’s land masses and maritime regions every six hours, providing the widest commercially available spectral range specifically tailored to inform and guide a diverse set of the most mission-critical, real-world applications. The EarthDaily Constellation will fundamentally change customers’ ability to identify change and adapt quickly in an increasingly complex world.

Retina integrates Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) for rapid intelligence extraction, enabling government agencies to see the world in real-time clarity through a single, streamlined interface. WayFinder, a new mission management tool, aids Search and Rescue (SAR) operations by shortening the time between emergency beacon detection and responders hitting the ground, reducing emergency response times by 25-50%.

Iris, an InSAR-based deformation monitoring solution, visually focused on AOIs, with an easy to use, no code interface. Iris continuously monitors critical infrastructure for signs of deformation and provides fast alerting for improved response to these anomalies. Together, Retina, WayFinder and Iris arm the Public Sector with actionable insights for mission-ready decisions to meet mission-critical objectives.

Descartes Labs and EarthDaily’s integration of data and analysis will yield an unparalleled scope and quality of actionable insights for the private and public sectors alike. The addition of EarthDaily data will provide a valuable enhancement to data agnostic, deep tech intelligence of Retina, WayFinder and Iris, Descartes Labs Government’s trifecta of solutions being released at GEOINT Symposium 2024.

“Access to EarthDaily data will improve mission response times, enabling swift reactions to real-world events. Integrating this data into our product solutions will be pivotal in powering our current tip and cueing event alerting system,” said Nicole Toigo, President of Descartes Labs Government.

Don Osborne, CEO of EarthDaily Analytics, said, “Uniting EarthDaily data with the AI driven analytics that are foundational to Descartes Labs and Descartes Labs Government, delivers a complete end-to-end solution across industries, enterprises and governments, globally.”

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