Customer-Centric Solutions, Holistic Outlook Key to Sustained Growth

The global New Space Economy is growing at a rapid pace, powered by technology convergence, interoperability, and high-resolution data access.

In order to develop durable and resilient space architecture and customizable applications, this alignment is crucial.

At the inaugural day of Geospatial World Forum 2024 in Rotterdam, the session shared light on inextricably link between space Infra and geospatial.

“Space and geospatial are closely interlinked. One cannot conceive space Infra without geospatial data and its user community”, says Massimo Claudio Comparini, Deputy CEO & ESVP, Thales Alenia Space.

Customer Needs

In a competitive market landscape, there’s no shortcut to exceed customer expectations. It makes all the difference in commercial viability as well as innovative product portfolio. This can only happen when companies get a 360-degree view of their customer needs and their sectoral stakeholders.

“The big issue for the satellite industry is they understand their customer, but not their customer’s customer”, believes Sethu Saveda Suvanam, Founder & CEO, ReOrbit.

He adds that there’s a need to take architectures operating beyond what we are looking at and focus on collaboration and relooking at things, instead of re-inventing every time.

Problem Solving

Increasingly, the conventional boundaries in the space and geospatial sector are getting blurred. Space offers targeted solutions to some of the most challenging problems on Earth, and that brings the need to reaffirm a holistic approach towards innovation and delivery.

“There’s a need to bridge the gap between upstream and downstream in space from the philosophy of problem-solving”, says Prateep Basu, Co-founder & CEO SatSure.

He believes that there are missing gaps because everyone focuses on a particular problem.

“Customers today are looking at data that comes from multiple sensors. They expect final, end-to-end solutions”, says Sreeraman GV, CEO, NeoGeo Info Technologies.

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