BIM Chapters: Autodesk Forma Series – Episode 03

In this latest episode, hosted on YouTube,
I cover computational fluid dynamics (CFD) wind analysis, including how to run the analysis and interpret the results. Part of the analysis review involves studying design options, including the existing conditions, and comparing them.

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This is the third installment in my Autodesk Forma series, sponsored by Autodesk.


In this episode, I share the steps required to perform rapid AI-assisted wind analysis and detailed CFD-based wind analysis. The rapid analysis works in real-time, responding to each modification to the proposed design. The computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis can take 30 – 90 minutes to process in the cloud but produces more accurate results suitable for official documentation.


Using Forma’s Proposals feature, it is possible to develop multiple design solutions within the same project, run various analyses, and then compare the results to find the optimal passive solution.

The next episode will cover a very exciting new feature, not yet released or publicly announced, that integrates a sustainability metric that has become front and center in the AEC industry!

Stay tuned for more on Forma soon!


In conclusion, Autodesk Forma’s computational fluid dynamics (CFD) wind analysis capabilities present an unparalleled opportunity for architects and AEC professionals. By harnessing the power of CFD wind analysis, designers can significantly improve building performance, contributing to a more sustainable and climate-resilient future.

Autodesk Forma not only accelerates the design process through AI-assisted rapid analysis but also ensures accuracy with detailed CFD simulations. As we embrace these advanced tools, our collective efforts in designing high-performing buildings will play a crucial role in combating climate change.

Let’s leverage the insights provided by Autodesk Forma to create architectural solutions that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally responsible.

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