Alphageo Launches Ai-Powered Geospatial Platform to Future-Proof Global Investing


Climate Alpha has re-branded itself to AlphaGeo – underscoring its leadership in integrating thousands of datasets spanning climate risks, socioeconomic conditions, market factors, policy drivers and demographic trends into a spatial index that guides resilient investing across both real assets and public markets.

AlphaGeo uses advanced machine learning techniques to downscale projections of heat, storm, flood, fire, drought, sea level rise and other climate risks for any coordinate on Earth – as well as to capture the locations of all adaptation features such as sea walls, levees, desalination plants, fire stations and much more. The result is a comprehensive library of more than 50 billion data points comprised of nearly 100 engineered features across over 40 million indexed locations. Over a dozen actionable metrics allow asset managers to rank and benchmark location performance under three major climate scenarios and four time periods to 2100.

Chief Technology Officer Abraham Wu points out that “risk is not the determinant of a location’s future – resilience is. Our holistic yet quantitative approach is the first to measure that ground truth for any location in the world.”

AlphaGeo’s GeoSense customized tracking indices for equity markets, providing forward guidance into which public companies or ETFs demonstrate true climate resilience. “Our foresight engine turns rising global volatility into a tailwind for alpha-seeking investors,” says Dr Michael Ferrari, AlphaGeo’s Chief Scientific and Chief Investment Officer.

In particular, AlphaGeo’s flagship Industrial Renaissance Tracker (IRT) correlates the wave of new greenfield corporate activity in America to location resilience, helping to better assess which companies and communities will experience the greatest lift.

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