11 Tips to Make the Most out of ICSC Las Vegas 2024

Tips for ICSC Las Vegas 2024


Different from many tradeshows, ICSC Las Vegas is a self-proclaimed, deal-making tradeshow. While there is plenty of opportunity to walk the tradeshow floor and there are booths that receive traffic from prospective customers, the best opportunities are created well in advance of the show. If there are people you are planning to meet at ICSC Vegas, we highly recommend reaching out early to schedule meetings. Schedules often fill up weeks in advance of the show. 


ICSC in it’s own words is a “member organization for industry advancement, ICSC promotes and elevates the marketplaces and spaces where people shop, dine, work, play, and gather as foundational and vital ingredients of communities and economies.” ICSC has numerous local and regional opportunities to network, learn and advance your career. ICSC also engages regularly with local and national governments to elevate issues and causes important to it’s members. ICSC provides opportunities to give back, mentor and engage with people of all walks of life in the retail real estate sector. (link to ICSC) 


Once a member of ICSC, you will want to log in to ICSC.com to gain full access which includes a directory of all ICSC members and registered attendees of the ICSC Las Vegas show.  


It is easy to be lost in a sea of suits and blouses. Many of the best canvassing experts you will see adorning flare that is original to them and easy to spot in the crowd. Beth Azore who leads Azore Advisory services and the Azore Academy is famous for her red suite, Taj Adhav wears a paisley jacket that is hard to miss and Bill Tomla is known by his red glasses. Even our team can be found with red BCI lanners that adds just the touch of flare to stand out in a crowd. 


Some of the best networking happens outside of the tradeshow floor at cocktail hours, parties and events hosted by ICSC members. We recommend leveraging these events to take your networking to the next level. If you choose to host make sure your event stands out. This is not your average tradeshow. You will be competing with world-class parties and next-level networking opportunities.  Keep up with BuildCentral on the road 


In more ways than one it is easy to burn your-self out. Whether it is an over-enthusiastic schedule walking between south upper hall and central multiple times, or over indulging late night at events and parties Sunday and Monday evenings. This is a two day a event and if you want to make the most of it, you will need to be ready for Tuesday. You will see attendance drop, especially in the morning on Tuesday, as many do not heed this advice. Many of the external networking events are held in casinos which are notorious for pumping oxygen into spaces to make it easier than normal to stay up all night. 


It is easy to lose track of everyone you meet at ICSC Vegas. Even after a promising meeting and follow up contacts can still fall in between the cracks. ICSC Vegas falls shortly before Memorial Day and many take the remainder of the week off. To ensure both parties don’t delay a promising deal from getting executed we recommend booking your next meeting at the show. If both parties have mutual interest, have your calendar ready and go ahead and book the next meeting. 


Vegas is a desert environment and if you are coming from a more temperate or humid environment it may be easy to forget the toll this takes on the body. For some Chapstick is a must. 


Download the official ICSC app, probably the best tool for navigating the event. This app allows you to view attendees, tradeshow floor, exhibitors, and transportation schedule. You can also stay organized and on top of your schedule by utilizing the app’s scheduling functionality. This feature allows you to create a personalized itinerary that is tailored to your interests and priorities. You will also receive real-time updates and notifications about seminars, events, and any changes to the program, ensuring that you are always well-informed.  


Despite the availability of buses, trams, and mass transit, it is essential to establish a well-thought-out transportation plan to ensure punctual arrival at the event. Although ride-sharing services like Uber may appear convenient, it is important to note that they can be sluggish, especially during peak hours like the morning of the tradeshow. To prevent potential delays, exploring alternative transportation modes or arranging for private transportation may be your best bet. 


The exhibit halls at ICSC are extensive! It can take up to 20 minutes to walk from the end of south hall to the end of central hall. Utilize the ICSC app to get acquainted with the layout of the halls and carefully plan your route to efficiently visit booths and exhibitors that align with your interests. Prioritize your schedule based on specific criteria such as how relevant they are to your business goals or the potential networking opportunities they offer. Consider using golf carts or other modes of transportation within the convention center to reduce the time spent walking between different areas, especially if you have mobility issues or limited time available. 

Facility overview, ICSC Las Vegas 2024

Central Hall, ICSC Las Vegas 2024

South Hall Meeting Rooms, ICSC Las Vegas 2024

South Hall Upper, ICSC Las Vegas 2024

South Hall Lower, ICSC Las Vegas 2024

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